Voice Record - Send to PC

Voice Record with the installed STT Package can be used to convert a voice recording into text. This text can then be directly transferred to your PC where it is automatically inserted at the current caret position.

This pages describes how this works...

STT Package no longer on Google Play

The STT package was experimental and does no longer work properly due to API changes made by Google.
Because of that Voice Record STT is no longer available on Google Play.

The last APK version can be downloaded here: Voice_Record_STT-0.3.1.apk

1. Installing the client

The client that runs on your PC* is a small Java program that will receive the texts from the Android device.
For the client to work Java 6 or higher has to be installed on your PC.

After downloading the file VoiceRecordClient.jar, you can open it with Java (usually double click should work).
On Linux you might have to set the jar file to executable.

After the program has been started a new window with the Voice Record icon will appear.
A coloured icon means that receiving of text is enabled. To disable just click the icon.

* Windows and Linux are supported.

Download: VoiceRecordClient.jar


Start Voice Record on your Android device an record a message.
To turn a spoken message into text, click the recording and select "As Text" from the menu.

Now the recording will be sent to an external server (Internet connection is needed) and turned into text.
After the sever has converted the recording into text, you can choose which app should be used for further processing.

Choose the entry "Send to PC" and process with step 3.

3. Sending the text to your PC

After selecting "Send to PC" a dialog should appear which lists all PCs ready to receive text within the same WiFi network. If your PC is not listed, try the "Reload" button.*

Now open a text editor (e.g. Notepad or Open Office) on your PC and place the cursor where the text should be inserted.
After selecting the PC on your Android device the text should appear where the cursor has been placed.

* If that still has no effect, there might be a problem with your network setup.